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Aper's Tree Service, Inc. launched in 2014 by owner/operator Rush Yakhaman who vows to provide top notch service. With the combined 10+ years of experience Rush and his crew are dedicated to offering all customers with pristine care and the best possible service.  ATS, Inc. is committed to serving your needs.

We are detail oriented therefore, we will provide you with the utmost care for your trees, your property as well as the surrounding properties. We take pride in servicing your trees and thrive on the best and oldest possible marketing tool "Word of Mouth".  ATS, Inc. will provide our customers with cost effective, safe and thorough tree service, reliable and honest work ethics.


Your phone call to ATS, Inc. is the first step. We offer free estimates and approach each estimate reasonably by considering several factors upon arriving at the potential job site. To help you comprehend the basic process of estimating, the following factors must be recognized:

Safety – Ensuring our crew is performing your tree servicing needs with safety in mind and in a safe environment.  ATS, Inc. is Licensed, Bonded and Insured.  In addition, we take pride in being a Drug and Alcohol free company. 

Maintenance – Making sure that you are maintaining your trees with proper annual trimming needs, nutrition and care could enhance your property and not to mention increase value.  We advise that you don’t ignore your trees, stay observant and address any radical changes you may notice, give yourself peace of mind to ensure that "you" don’t have to make that emergency call to ATS, Inc.  With the excessive heat and unusual weather conditions we have been experiencing, your trees are bound to be effected.  We've noticed that trees are currently behaving confused due to weather drastic changes.

Health – Safeguarding your trees and keeping them in good health will prolong the life of your trees.  Our ISA Certified Arborist on staff (Julio Matos - Tree Dr TLC, Lic# WE-9101A, QAL#124807) is well versed on the culprits (ie: bark beetles, leaf legged bugs, fungus, etc.) attacking trees and will be able to diagnose, treat, inject and/or make recommendations on enhancing, as well as, preserving the overall health of your trees. 

Size – Keep in mind the larger the size of a tree, the greater the range of work.

The location of the tree(s) – Is the tree free standing and easily accessible or is it hindered by power/service lines, your home/garage, or your neighbors’ home/garage?  Is it located on a hillside, are there other hazards affecting access? Will equipment (such as a stump grinder) required for certain jobs have accessibility? 

Distance – Another consideration, which may be required to establish if our crew will have easy access to haul away the debris from the tree(s) to the dump truck.    

Depending on the intricacy of the service necessary, additional time and/or equipment (such as a crane) might be required to complete the task.   

At ATS, Inc. we take pride in providing ALL of our customers (past, present and future) with the upmost respect and professionalism.  We treat each potential job as if it were our own property and take the extra care to ensure you will be satisfied with our service, should you choose to hire ATS, Inc.  It is essential that you as the consumer consider the professionalism of a proper tree care company. We, at ATS, Inc., are a licensed, bonded and insured (liability and workers’ compensation) company. Keep in mind, we may not always be the less-expensive company providing you an estimate; however, we can guarantee that we will be the most professional; providing our expertise and the proper coverage for you as well as your property.
​  Looking forward to meeting you and providing you with top notch service!


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